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by Christmas Day

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This is Christmas Day

Produced by Brer Sunshine
Written by Daniel
Vocals by Daniel
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Trevor Richardson

shattered light bulbs of ideas are still lodged in my head
I can’t take them out
it would hurt too much
I can talk real loud
move my arms and hands
maybe throw in a hint of emotion
a little dance
and convince them it’s the brightest idea they’ve ever seen or heard
when it’s only a busted bulb
paired with a couple of big words

but those couple of big words I learned from you
all those nights sitting on the kitchen floor
pouring over the dictionary
we didn’t have anything better to do
but even if we did we’d still be sitting right there
with a bowl on my head and a fork in your hair
speaking those words I learned from you

but right now I’m lying on the carpet
next to the wine stain you made last November
I didn’t throw it out
because the stain gives it character
which is exactly what people say to justify their carelessness
so I carefully drain the bottle at my feet
next to the wine stain you made last November

when I think about breathing, it makes it hard to breathe
when I think about you, it makes it so hard to breathe
all these cigarettes making it so hard to breathe
after 22 years you’d think I could do it with ease
but I can’t
not with this spirit in my hand
and the thought of you
that’s making it so hard to…

but that’s when I feel the most alive
my back on the cold ground
grass-stained knees and chest
to the November night sky
is filled with clouds
produced from the breath
that proceeds from my mouth
and as the rain escapes the clouds
that’s when I feel the most alive


released September 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Christmas Day Nashville, Tennessee

Drink Vanilla Coke

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