Defend Uptown

by Christmas Day

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Not a love song.


nah, this is not a love song
this is not a "let me say what you done wrong" song
nah, it's more like an all of the above song
you're my sunshine "i cannot get enough" song
but then it starts to rain
or some other cliche people say to convey pain
today she bought a ticket to ride on that train
found a note on my bed
said "this summer was our swan song"

everything was alright
in love, in the morning, in the moonlight
you never need any advice until your virtue turn into vice
and then you fine your heart inside the grip of a vise, right?
nah, you never even gave me the bad news like Walt Cronkite
nah, there wasn't a big fight
neither bark nor a bight
you just held on tight to the string
to the kite that was me and cut it in mid flight
right now you're the only thing I got on my mind
despite the fact that I love you
I hate you at the same time
but you're gone so I guess there's no more reason to rhyme

but nevertheless
I'm gonna carry on
like a backpack on an airplane
I'll carry on
and like I said, this is not a love song
so I'm not just gonna sit here and complain
and cry while I say
"If you don't take me back then I'll die"
I won't say that
and if I write it down by accident I'll backtrack
print a retraction and the headline will read:
Rationality Will Always Be Upstaged By Tipsy
Text Messages Paired With Aimless Passion
you're the living proof that every action
doesn't need a reaction
because you keep on acting like we never
even happened at all

I know what you want me to say right now
you want me to be like
"hey, my Bill Withers record wore out
can i borrow yours?"
what you want is a montage of us holding hands
while a sixties doo wop song plays
showcasing the times we thought were better
but in hindsight they were the worst
you want me to pinpoint every mistake
every inaccurate word that made its way through my mouth
and say "maybe just maybe if I'd said it right, then you would have stayed
and you'd be here right now"
well sorry to disappoint
I won't do that at all
need i remind you this is not a love song
and just to be clear
ain't no sunshine when you are here

delete your number in my phone
and my sky get a little clearer
look in the mirror and I see me
no you, no we
you don't have a hold of my heart no more
I repo'd that
I got the receipt right here
yeah I'm taking it back
locking it up
throwing the key in the trash
enough is enough is enough is enough

am I bitter, am I wrong
if I say long gone is where we both belong
but remember, when you hear this
and you wanna sing along
this shit ain't a love song


released February 9, 2016
Soulful bleep bloops: Brer Sunshine
The protagonist: Daniel Roosevelt
Social commentary: Philip Haas

Cover art: Brer Sunshine
Cover photo: Nekos Barnes



all rights reserved


Christmas Day Nashville, Tennessee

Drink Vanilla Coke

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